The services of ConsulWorks can be contracted through businesses located in the region, province, country or internationally. Typically contracts include a retainer plus commission fee based on results.

ConsulWorks can be contracted to provide any of the following services for a client. For a cost overview please visit our Services Overview section .

The owner/operator of ConsulWorks, Gail Adams, has worked in Newfoundland in the tourism industry sector, healthcare industry sector, fundraising industry sector, recreational sport industry sector, economic development industry sector and the aviation industry sector.

With a group of affiliate companies, she brings marketing solutions and project management to an array of clients and industry sectors.

ConsulWorks is pleased to submit a full bid proposal on your opportunity... simply email your terms of reference to and we will prepare a bid proposal for your perusal within 72 hours of receipt.

Insufficient marketing staff is no longer an excuse to reduce your company's sales growth ~ Engage ConsulWorks in a mentoring or consulting contract today!