Professional Fees – AN OVERVIEW & GUIDELINE:

Marketing Strategies/Plans:

Generally a cost of $500 per day for non-travel related strategy/plan writing. On average these initiatives for marketing will take anywhere from 5-8 consulting days to prepare. If the client requires travel for research a base consulting cost of $650.00 per day is charged. (Travel expenses are extra)

Short Term Marketing Services – Shared:

These services are offered on a contractual basis where the consultant works from her own office for the client. Most of these contracts are negotiated on a retainer fee basis of $250.00 per week plus a negotiated commission fee. Due to the nature of this type of work, the consultant may represent more than one client at a time.

Short Term Marketing Services – Exclusive:

These services are offered through the consultant to the client on an exclusive short-term basis, whereby the consultant gives the client a full week of work at a time (40 hours) and works under the direction of the client. Typically this service will range in cost from $2500—$3500 per week depending on the client’s requirements. If out of town travel is required for trade shows and presentations, a negotiated fee is determined with the client based on the required activities that will need to be completed during the terms of the engagement.

Project Management:

If the client wishes to engage the consultant for a short term project and/or management of that project a separate negotiation will be held based on the length of the project, location of the project and type of work related to the project.

All rates listed above are inclusive of profit and overhead and include the use of phone, fax, computer, Internet, printers and vehicle. Travel related expenses, accommodations, meals, mileage, at available rates are all extra. This is a guideline… for a quote on services please contact us

Failure to plan for marketing is a failure in your potential final achievement. Set aside 3-5% of your net revenues this year for next year’s marketing activities. Plan for growth!