ConsulWorks has been providing marketing services and solutions to businesses operating in Newfoundland and Labrador since September 2001.

Specializing in the delivery of marketing solutions to small and medium enterprises, ConsulWorks offers quality marketing solutions with measurable results to companies that are in start up or growth positioning that require the additional assistance of a senior marketing consultant. In addition to marketing solutions, the company also offers creative solutions to its client base with services such as graphic design, website design, digital printing and advertising campaign development.

Whether your company requires a short term or a long term service, ConsulWorks will work with you to design a marketing and creative strategy for your company, and assist you in following through on that strategy at a price much less than an in-house marketing department would cost.

At ConsulWorks, we strive to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional marketing and creative design services of the highest caliber.

DID YOU KNOW? ConsulWorks can offer your company a temporary office for the development of any project you may have in Atlantic Canada. Let us know what you need done and it will be completed for you... under your timeline! Email us at for more details!