ConsulWorks has been providing and business printing solutions to clients for the past 4 years. Using the dynamic color and papers offered by Xerox Business Solutions, ConsulWorks puts a DocuColor 240 and its unique finisher applications to work for the print media solutions required for shorter run (up to 3000 copies) full color marketing collaterals.

Print on demand allows the customer to email the document to ConsulWorks and to receive a proof by email. Printing can normally be completed for delivery within 48 hours of proof receipt if the type of media is in stock. Large print orders are advised to give 5 days lead time for in the event that delivery of stock from out of province needs to occur. All printing is guaranteed from proof and all printing will be delivered as per the customers specifications.

Marketing collaterals that are currently printed by ConsulWorks include the following:

ConsulWorks accepts payment by MasterCard, Visa and American Express for all print orders.

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DID YOU KNOW? ConsulWorks began offering print on demand services to the Company's clients because there was a large volume of short run printing required on an annual basis. Perhaps you are a graphic artist that sends out a large volume of short run prints for your clients. If so, contact ConsulWorks today and allow us to quote on your client print requirements through our wholesale pricing which allows you to increase your profits per job and reduce the overall printing expenses to your client.

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